The Importance of the Web3 Wallet to Crypto Users

The Importance of the Web3 Wallet to Crypto Users

Before getting into the core of this article, it is important to know what a web3 wallet is, especially for newbies in the crypto space.

What is a web3 wallet?

To fully grasp what a web3 wallet it, you must know about web 3. The web 3 is actually the latest or recent iteration of the web that gives users access to control their data without compromising their privacy.

For this to be made possible, web 3 requires highly precise web3 wallet development for cryptocurrency.

Some features that can define the web3 wallet-

  • The web 3 is actually a permissionless network that is decentralized. Ownership of this network is distributed to both the builders and users of web 3. Due to this, owners and users have the same rights and access to the web 3.  The web3 wallet development software makes it hassle free to produce a wallet to carry out a variety of transactions through a blockchain ecosystem that’s trustless.
  • Web 3 does not in any way, rely on a third party. It is a trustless economy.
  • To ascertain user protection and privacy, the web3 wallet development software doesn’t require the completion of the KYC/AML process from users.
  • Since the web 3 makes use of blockchain, the dApps built on web 3 have their own native tokens to make payments a lot easier. They do not rely on banking services that are centralized. This is one major reason why people are exceptionally keen on carrying out the development of the web 3.
  • The web3 wallet is also non-custodial. What this means is that it doesn’t require users to trust any third party to securely store their digital funds/assets. Thus, the holder of the wallet has complete control of the safekeeping of his/her assests using the recovery seed.
  • Web 3 wallet development provides both mobile crypto wallet and browser support for your web3 wallet. Nothing literally beats this! An amazing example of a web3 wallet is Metamask.
  • The browser version of the wallet that web3 wallet development services created must allow users effortlessly buy and swap tokens. It has to also vividly display a variety of options for the gas fee required for each transaction to be carried out.
  • One amazing feature of the web3 wallet is its support of ENS domains. This feature is becoming quite popular. These domain names have the ability to act as a proxy especially to long Ethereum addresses.
  • The web3 wallet development software has the ability to produce web 3 wallets with multi-chain support. What this means is that these wallets will be supported by multiple blockchains and then, each of them will provide their users with a different wallet address. Thus, from just one wallet application, users can easily receive or send crypto assets on a various blockchain networks.

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Top web 3 wallets and how they work

Trust wallet

One of the best web 3 wallet on the market is the trust wallet. It is quite versatile and can be downloaded on your mobile device. It lets users easily receive and send bitcoins, Ethereum and also tokens that are non-fungible. 

This wallet supports over a million tokens and it’s a hot non-custodial wallet. It also has a Dapps browser where you can find vendors and businesses that can accept cryptocurrency. The browser can be accessed via the trust wallet application.

How it works

It works by acting as a connecting bridge to a variety of blockchains via their nodes. All blockchains have a public address and these addresses store cryptos that are encrypted. The trust wallet neither controls nor holds any crypto but rather, gives you easy access to them. This wallet can be used for both stalking and trading.

Coinbase wallet

Another web3 wallet you should try is the coinbase wallet. It is also non-custodial and permits you to store well over 41,000 digital assets, manage NFT’s, and interact with decentralized apps. Coinbase wallets operate on a wide range of blockchain networks and you can trade, sell or buy cryptocurrencies via the digital wallets. It also has a decentralized feature that allows you swap Ethereum and as a user, you can earn interests on your crypto asset.

How it works

It is a wallet that puts strong emphasis on security to ensure your digital assets are safe. Thus, only users are able to control its private keys. Coinbase wallet uses a password or pin to access the account. Its mobile app users can also set a biometric verification on the app to protect it from any foreign access.

MyEther wallet

From its name, you can already tell it’s an Ethereum wallet. It can be used to safely receive, store and send ERC-20 tokens as well as NFT’s. Users also get to experience its ecosystem via the myether wallet interface. They can also generate their online wallets and interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

How it works 

The wallet is available on the web and is accessible to both IOS and android users. You can also download the browser extention. Moreover, the wallet server doesn’t store confidential data or funds but gives users complete access to their assets.  It is quite easy to navigate and you can store, sell, buy and exchange assets.

Ledger wallet

This wallet is always advised for crypto beginners. It is a hardware wallet that stores public and private keys. With it, you can store multicurrency wallets, send and receive crypto offline. It is user friendly and contains two hardware wallets- Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano s wallet. Unlike software wallets, ledger wallets are quite difficult to hack. The wallet app can also be easily accessed by both IOS and android users.

How it works

It can be navigated without any hassle. This is why beginners are advised to start with legder. It has physical buttons that users have to simultaneously push to confirm purchases. Moreover, its security is top notch as it uses secure element chips and an operating system termed blockchain open ledger system. Its devices are periodically audited by the French National Agency for Security of Information so you never have to worry about the safety of your digital assets.


The web3 wallet is the new deal for crypto lovers. With it, trading is easier and security is tighter.